In Departure you play as a child whose family is moving once again. Nearly everything has been packed, you're just missing a few of your own precious items. Find the Book, Picture, Keyboard, and Baseball and put them into the open box to finish packing.

W/A to Move Forward/Backward

A/S to Strafe Left/Right

Left Click and Hold to Pick Up and Move Items


Departure is a game about a child packing their things and moving out of their home. It was inspired by my own childhood as from birth until I was 6 years old I moved nearly once a year due to my mother working for the Army. Each time we moved I would leave behind friends, but I always learned new things or found cool new items, and I experienced them with the only constant in my life: my family.

As far as problems during development go, this game had seemingly no end of bugs just suddenly appearing out of the blue. Most were due to being able to pick up objects that weren't originally intended for the player to grab, such as the table, walls, the floor you're standing on, etc. This was solved primarily through the creation of layers, but that also ended creating a separate issue altogether. For successes, I feel like I was able to get the controls of the to feel fairly nice rather quickly.

If I had more time I implement a better ending, though I'm not sure yet as to what that would be, as well as implement a title screen (which, I would like to add, I did create but it was so unaccpetably buggy that I was unable to fix it and just scrapped it instead). I would also make this game look better and more cohesive in general. Despite my best attempts I was bested by the behemoths that are Maya and Substance Painter and many of my models look just strange. Hopefully their appearances will improve as my skill with these tools increases.

Published Mar 14, 2017
Made withUnity